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Booking integration, Catherine Forbes


Catherine Forbes,
2 persons

Thank you for choosing Palladian Routes!

You will soon be immersed in the exploration of some of the most enchanting Palladian Villas.

The journey ahead will take you to our Golden Age, when architecture and nature blended in perfect harmony in the Palladian landscape.

This integration includes:
- the missing € 130,00/person of the tour “The Ancient Beauty of Vicenza between Palladio and Tiepolo” (already partially booked) - 22 june 2024
- the extra € 150,00/person for the accompaniment of our director in the tour "Patrician Villas along the Brent Riviera" (to be booked apart, transfer option: Venice), pick up in Vicenza and drop off in Venice - 25 june 2024

Total price (including everything as in our email correspondence for 2 people) 

Booking integration, Catherine Forbes

430,00 €Preis
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