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Palazzo Valmarana Braga

At the Pozzo Rosso, the beating heart of Vicenza, a noblewoman fulfills the wishes of her deceased husband, commissioning Palladio to build an expensive palace as a memorial, as a monument, yet another testimony of a classic past brought back into the everyday life of the Renaissance.


Our journey through the golden age begins in the elegant courtyard of the Palazzo. Its patio, framed by majestic Ionic columns and a verdant atmosphere, will be the perfect setting to introduce you to the world of the 16th century, of Palladio and of the rich Venetian families who lived in the city.


A short walk along the street that houses the Palace (Corso Fogazzaro), will make us admire the external facade of the noble masterpiece of the great Palladian Architecture and will also lead us to know the figure of Giangiorgio Trissino, the one who changed the life of an anchor forever. inexperienced Pietro della Gondola, a young stonemason soon destined to become the great architect Andrea Palladio.


Here we are now on the threshold of the great Palazzo, ready to cross it and let ourselves be transported to the time when the surrounding walls still gave life to the Emporio dei Tessuti, a place full of life, dedicated to the ancient and precious trade of one of the richest Venetian families, the Valmarana family.


We continue, at the end of our journey through time, entering the adjacent room, the Count's Studio, which immediately gives us a breathtaking surprise leaving us glued with our noses up.  A small favor decorated with a Renaissance cosmological vision on the ceiling, the vault masterfully frescoed by Zelotti, tells the stories of an ancient world.



In order to CHECK THE AVAILABILITY of this tour for a specific day, please ask in the chat below 7/7 from 9 AM to 6 PM CET/CEST .

We'll be happy to check and confirm immediately, by sending you an e-mail that will allow you to complete the purchase.


Palazzo Valmarana Braga

    • Contemplation from Palazzo Valmarana Braga in the company of a Cicero
    • Discovery of the sumptuous patio of the palace and the fabric shop
    • Wonderful Renaissance cosmological vision frescoed on the ceiling of the count's study
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