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Palladio Museum

Inside Palazzo Barbaran da Porto, the architecture, the society, the construction techniques and the culture of Veneto villas are all rediscovered in a single high-level collection; an unrepeatable receptacle of original drawings, architectural models and ancient books, witnesses of an inheritance of inestimable valor.



In order to CHECK THE AVAILABILITY of this tour for a specific day, please ask in the chat below 7/7 from 9 AM to 6 PM CET/CEST .

We'll be happy to check and confirm immediately, by sending you an e-mail that will allow you to complete the purchase.


Palladio Museum

    • Access to the collection of the Palladio Museum
    • Revelation of the rich heritage of Palladio's ingenuity and its history
    • Contemplation of the collection of multiple architectural models
    • Privileged analysis of the original drawings received
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