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The Agno Valley and the Trissino dal Vello d'Oro family

The roots of the Trissino family are intertwined with the humanist mentor who forged Palladio.


Gian Giorgio Trissino retraces the traces of his ancestors, narrating his personal history, recounting the encounter and formation of Palladio, as well as historical events during the centuries of the Serenissima.


"A long time has passed since my last visit to my dear Vicenza. I have been gone for many centuries and, since then, I have always wondered what became of what was the culture that I myself used to enjoy in life..."


  • An immersive eco-museum where everything you see is an art piece.
  • Ride your Palladian E-Bike and follow the preset route in your GPS track navigator.
  • Discover new, exciting and exclusive routes in history and nature following the narrative of the events that there took place, directly from the words of their main characters.





In order to CHECK THE AVAILABILITY of this itinerary for a specific date, please ask in the chat below 7/7 from 9 AM to 6 PM CET/CEST.

We'll be happy to check and confirm immediately.

The Agno Valley and the Trissino dal Vello d'Oro family

59,00 €Precio
  • Please find hereby listed all the Villas you'll meet during the tour.

    For some of them, an activity is available. Check opening time and dates by clicking on their link.


    Villa da Schio

    Open for guided Visit

    Villa Trissino, Barbaran


    Villa Brunelli Bonetti

    Open for Visit

    Villa Trissino

    Library open

    Villa Pretto, Cassanello

    Park open

    Agno river banks


    Villa Zanuso Fontanari

    Villa Valle -

    Villa Gajanigo, Barbieri

    Agno Valley hills

    Villa Trissino Marzotto

    Open for visit


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