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The Brenta Riviera and the river lounge of the Doges

Nicolò Foscari, one of the clients of Villa Malcontenta, as well as a nobleman of the Venetian patriciate, recalls the stories of many aristocratic families who, from the Middle Ages until the sunset of the Serenissima, used to retire to the Riviera del Brenta, in their summer homes, to rediscover intellectual freedom and escape the busy city life.


"For a very long time and for many centuries, the Riviera del Brenta was the first-rate holiday resort for the patriciate of the entire Republic of Venice, my dear Republic ... For hundreds and hundreds of years there has been a long, luxuriant flowering of sumptuous country houses, for the sole and pure pleasure of us nobles..."


  • An immersive eco-museum where everything you see is an art piece.
  • Ride your Palladian E-Bike and follow the preset route in your GPS track navigator.
  • Discover new, exciting and exclusive routes in history and nature following the narrative of the events that there took place, directly from the words of their main characters.





In order to CHECK THE AVAILABILITY of this itinerary for a specific date, please ask in the chat below 7/7 from 9 AM to 6 PM CET/CEST.

We'll be happy to check and confirm immediately.

The Brenta Riviera and the river lounge of the Doges

€ 59,00Prezzo
  • Please find hereby listed all the Villas you'll meet during the tour.

    For some of them, an activity is available. Check opening time and dates by clicking on their link.

    Villa Foscarini Rossi Shoe museum open
    Villa Pisani Open for guided visit
    Villa Venier Contarini Open for guided visit
    Villa Widmann Open for visit
    Villa Barchessa Valmarana Open for visit
    Villa Valier -
    Villa Alberti -
    Villa Brusoni Scalella -
    Oratorio Villa Vezzi Avogadro Velluti -
    Villa Tito Open for guided visit
    Villa Badoer Fattoretto Open for guided visit
    Villa Ferretti Angeli


    Villa Colloredo -
    Villa Cà Zane Martin -
    Conti Family chapel -
    Villa Benzi Smania -
    Villa Loredan -
    Villa Mocenigo -
    Villa Foscari "La Malcontenta" Open for guided visit
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