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The story of Vicenza: Guided Half-Day E-Bike sightseeing Tour

Dear Sean, Sadhbh and Linzi,

thank you for choosing Palladian Routes!

You will soon be immersed in the enchanting exploration of the gem of the Unesco Palladian Heritage of Vicenza.

The journey ahead will take you to our Golden Age, when architecture and nature blended in perfect harmony in the Palladian countryside and urban landscape.


The Tour 
The most complete guided and narrated tour to discover Vicenza, a city of many priceless UNESCO World Heritage beauties, captivating stories and troubling events, and of a humble stonemason who will go down in history by forever redefining Architecture and its canons.

You will enjoy it aboard a comfortable and fun Palladian E-Bike, to reach even the wonders out of town inaccessible on foot, and not really miss anything in the City of Palladio.Your Cicero Palladiano will lead you into the history of an unexpectedly ancient community, independent in spirit and merchant by vocation. A plot that will tell of international political alliances born from the ferment of the Reformation, of nobles not only in rank, and of the parable of a genius of the artist who became a model of modernity.

From squares to palaces, from villas to bridges over the water to historic villages: every glimpse or panorama, every illustrious person will become part of an intertwining that you cannot help but love.

The story of Vicenza: Guided Half-Day E-Bike sightseeing Tour

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