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Valpolicella and its Eternal conviviality

The ancient celebration of Bacchus is perpetuated in a valley where wine reigns.

The soul of Suetonius, one of the celebrators of Valpolicella wine, tells the evolution of the famous wine of the valley, the favorite at the imperial courts.


"This is the valley where the vineyard blessed by Bacchus matured and favored by the powerful ... Valpolicella has given the world its privileged wine, whose tasting reaches peaks of high delicacy. Many were the celebrators of this wine and I, Suetonius, was one of them."


  • An immersive eco-museum where everything you see is an art piece.
  • Ride your Palladian E-Bike and follow the preset route in your GPS track navigator.
  • Discover new, exciting and exclusive routes in history and nature following the narrative of the events that there took place, directly from the words of their main characters.





In order to CHECK THE AVAILABILITY of this itinerary for a specific date, please ask in the chat below 7/7 from 9 AM to 6 PM CET/CEST.

We'll be happy to check and confirm immediately.

Valpolicella and its Eternal conviviality

€ 59,00Prezzo
  • Please find hereby listed all the Villas you'll meet during the tour.

    For some of them, an activity is available. Check opening time and dates by clicking on their link.

    Villa Betteloni -
    Villa Zambelli Caldera "Le Cedrare" -
    Villa Amistà -

    Villa Pullè, Monga, Galtarossa

    Church of San Floriano Martire Open for visit
    Villa Mosconi Bertani Tasting visit available
    Villa Nichesola-Conforti Open for visit

    Villa Rovereti Zurla


    Villa Volpini Brenzoni Bassani

    Villa Della Torre Allegrini Tasting visit available
    Villa Serego Alighieri Tasting visit available


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