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Your Palladian E-Bike Experience Gift

Thank you for choosing Palladian Routes.


A present to let yourself be carried away in the enchanting exploration of the Palladian Lands guided to the discovery of our Villas and the aromas of our tradition.


The journey that awaits for you will take you back to our golden age, when architecture and nature merged in the perfect harmony of the Palladian landscape.


  • An immersive eco-museum where everything you see is an art piece.
  • Ride your Palladian E-Bike and follow the preset route in your GPS track navigator.

  • Discover new, exciting and exclusive routes in history and nature following the narrative of the events that there took place, directly from the words of their main characters.




Your Palladian E-Bike Experience Gift

€ 69,00Prezzo
  • Visita per vedere i dettagli di tutti i diversi 20 tour che possono essere prenotati con questo Regalo, insieme a tutti gli extra che possono essere inclusi all'atto della prenotazione.


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