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Within each style of tour we provide different kinds of services,

all of them respecting the quality standards of Palladian Routes.

Quality Palladian Routes
Tailoring your journey


Do you want something extra the standard activities of your tour?

Just ask us.  We'll provide it for you.

Activities Palladian Routes
Need a guide


Three different ways of traveling. What's yours?

Compass Palladian Routes


Guide Palladian Routes


Group Palladian Routes



This does not necessarily entail riding on your own.


One of Palladian Routes' objectives has been to create a wide network of partners throughout the region, catering for all scenarios.


Our office hotline is also there to provide you with assistance

7 days a week, 8.00/20.00 from March to October, 8.00/18.30 from November to February.


If you are travelling self-guided, you will be freely assisted for any need in any moment of your journey.

Are you a small group?
This option lets you enjoy your independence, while accompanied along the trails by one of our tour leaders.
Your only worry will be enjoying the day's activities.
It also gives you considerable flexibility to tailor your tour – having a support vehicle to follow you, for example, or building in visits and events not included in your programme.
Belonging to a more substantial group means sharing the fun and exploration with all your travel buddies.
With our tour leaders you can relax and count on a carefree holiday, and soak up the camaraderie and wider interests within your group.
Our partners


The programming of Palladian Routes is based on a broad menu of activities, chosen to highlight the cream of the region's potential, through both traditional and innovative methods. Thanks to a web-based project, we believe we have succeeded in channelling the Veneto's best facilities and treasures, enabling us to offer them as a high-value holiday experience.

As you leaf through the various programmes, you will come across a number of activities – mostly outdoors – that are included in the price. Additionally, in keeping with the spirit of Slow Travel, Palladian Routes holidays also offer optional horse-riding, gondola tours in Venice, hikes, massage and wellness treatments, which are not included in the price.

Our team


The expertize of our founders in cultural tourism and the management of our historical heritage is rooted in the centuries.


Our team consists of staff who are expert, passionate and with a deep knowledge of the territory and its quirks.


We speak several languages and are used to dealing with the most complex challenges, the most particular requests, and the most demanding expectations from our guests.

Whether dealing with office staff or out on the trail, you will soon experience the care and professionalism of our team.

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